a pro-active approach... managing the primary issue people have found with Limousin cattle:  docility.  Every breed of cattle has its foibles be that fertility, growth, docility, hardiness, cover, disease, genetic defects et cetera. 

The beauty of docility is that it is both highly heritable and easy to measure which makes it easier to fix.  In 1995 the Australian Limousin Breeders Society developed an objective test to begin measuring docility and Talana immediately jumped on-board and were involved in some of the proofing work for the three scoring methods.  By 2000 the breed had access to EBV's for individual animals and things have been able to take off from there.

Like any technology though, there are those that embrace it, those that use it incorrectly and those that shun it.  We embrace it, and in some way docility plays a part in just about every breeding decision we make.  Have a look at the video above for a glimpse at how we do it at Talana.