Natural Service Sires

We run generally three or four single sire groups.


Talana Aloicious at 10yo.


Talana aloicious

(Ionesco x Talana Catwalk)

The beautiful boy.  A complete sire if there ever was one.  We feel fortunate to have bred and used Al for as long as we did, and would still be using him if he had not broken a leg at 13yo.  Better than his sire in every way.  His progeny just grow and grow and are as docile as they ever come.  His daughters are very fertile and they can make a lot of milk.  Structure is perfect, size is moderate, fat cover is excellent considering the volume of red meat he transmits.  Quality is supreme.  We consider Aloicious as the head of the best genetic line in the Limousin breed and his impact at Talana has been immense.

Unfortunately we do not measure birth weight, and because his calves are so heavy at weaning Breedplan has used the genetic correlation between birth and weaning weights to give Aloicious a high birth weight EBV.  There is nothing we could do to change it, but to the end of his days we used Aloicious over heifers without issue.  He may end up a trait leader for daughters calving ease, and already is one for growth and docility.


Fastrack son

Talana Poll fastrack

(TMF Polled Harmonica x Talana Cartier)

Fastrack was a standout weaner from a sublime cow.  He is notably still the calmest single calf that we have ever docility scored.  He went to cows before he was 18 months of age and we sold him into another stud 12 months later.  His calves were standouts at the time but the incidious 2013/14 drought meant that all but one were sold.  So we bought him back.   

Fastrack brings balance, calmness, a shorter coat and a lot of skin.  His progeny are deeper sided than most Limousin, with more heartroom, rib and girth, with square plates at the back and excellent mobility.


Hannibal Son

Talana Poll Hannibal

(CFSV Polled Excel 315S x Talana Poll First Lady)

Hannibal was a drought calf born to an absolutely astounding first calf heifer.  The bulls that year really had to work hard to prove themselves and one fellow stood tall in the group when feed was short.  He was moderately framed, heavily muscled, stupid quiet and while not the heaviest in the group he was up there, but most importantly he was carrying the best body condition.  We are firm believers in "doing-ability" and the benefits it has for fertility and fat cover and Hannibal has it and he passes it on to his progeny.

Hannibal calves are all polled, come small and easy, are early maturing and have some real body capacity, fleshing and eye appeal.  He lifts quality and moderates frame.


Dam of Leon at 8yo

longreach leon

(Meriden Poll Heavyduty x Donna Valley P. Maxine-Fleur)

We've been interested in Leon's sire and have been impressed by both their female lines for some time but never found the right moment to invest in either until 2018, when we invested in both.  These are proven bloodlines with calving ease, good docility and particularly high maternal productivity. 

Leon is a large, docile, heavy boned bull that will remove all horns.  Our intent with him is to maintain docility and bone, increase frame a little, produce a lot of homozygous polls and above all continue to add milk and maternal.  First calves are due summer 2018/19. 


Helix Son

talana poll helix

(CFSV Polled Excel 315S x Talana Frolic)

Helix had some stiff competition for cows from Hannibal (same sire) and Aloicious (his grand-sire) but he was such a good bull we just had to use him regardless.  His progeny are fleshy, structurally correct, quiet and born easily.  His first daughters are in production and seem to be doing well.